Naples Florida landlord-tenant lawyer Mimi S. Wolok represents landlords in residential and commercial evictions in Southwest Florida. Our law firm has over 23 years of experience, offering one-on-one, personalized service to return your valuable property to you as quickly as possible. We provide a flat rate on default evictions and charge a competitive hourly rate if one or more hearing(s) is necessary.

We know you want your property back. Our objective is to help you regain possession as soon as possible. We will help you with the entire eviction process, from the notice to the judgment to the writ of possession, including attendance at any hearings along the way. We handle simple default evictions through complicated eviction litigation.

We evict for non-payment of rent, breach of the lease agreement, and if you simply want your property back.

When a tenant fails to pay rent, you have the right to evict the tenant from the property. The eviction process in Florida requires a notice, providing the tenant with ample opportunity to pay the debt or leave the property. Failing to deliver a statutory, precisely-worded notice or delivering the notice improperly can completely undermine the eviction, and you must start over. We charge only $ 100.00 per pre-eviction notice (some of which goes to a professional server). Our goal is to start the pre-eviction process correctly, so that the remainder of the eviction can proceed quickly.

If no lease agreement exists or it has expired, you can still evict. Florida law requires different notices for these different scenarios. Take the guess work out of the notice and eviction process. Hire Mimi S. Wolok, PA.

More than 24 Years of Experience

Unlike an eviction mill, we provide each client with the personalized service you deserve. We understand that evicting a tenant is a challenge for a landlord – residential or commercial. We hope to complete the eviction process to your satisfaction. A default eviction can take as little as 3 weeks. Because Florida is now an e-filing state, we proudly serve the eviction needs of clients throughout the State of Florida, focusing on Southwest Florida but also practicing all along Florida’s Gulf Coast. We practice in the area of collections as well.

We also draft residential and commercial lease agreements, and we draft personal guaranties for commercial leases. Our favorite telephone call starts with “I found a prospective tenant and need you to draft a lease agreement for me.” Doing it right from the start is the best eviction prevention tool you have as a landlord.